Photo Booths for Birthday Party in Chicago

Selfie Booth Chicago | Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to you or someone you are planning for! Renting a photo booth for a birthday party is a great way to make the birthday celebration extra special and memorable. 

Whether it is your toddler’s first birthday or 10th, you want to capture the candid shots of their birthday party. Many times it happens that kids get conscious in front of the camera and that is when our photo booth for a birthday party in Chicago helps. Through the photo booths, all the beautiful moments of your kids’ birthday party get captured and that too without letting your toddler know. Although many companies are offering photo booth rental for birthday party nowadays ours are the most affordable ones. You can anytime visit our website and book the rental photo booth for birthday party. A photo booth will not only make your birthday more special but also impress the guests attending the birthday party. Rental photo booths also print out the photographs and if you place a special request, you can even get the video of the birthday party. So, enjoy your birthday parties with our photo booths.


Birthday Snaps

Take a look below to see some of the great shots taken with Selfie Booth Chicago at birthday parties.